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ZURICH/ Opera House:

BARKOUF OU EN CHIEN AU POUVOIR – revival. Woof! You must have seen that!


December 22, 2023, Jan Krobot/Zurich


Oleksiy Palchykov is the surprise of the evening. With a bright, powerful tenor, with potential for haute contre, he plays the Saëb. With a beautifully positioned voice and convincing stage presence...

New production of "SALOME" by
Dmitrii Cherniakov at
Staatsoper Hamburg


Palchykov ist ein sehr stimmstarker Naraboth und seine Vielseitigkeit begeistert mich immer wieder. Dass er auch besonders intensiv spielt, liegt sicher neben seinem Talent auch an der Regie und an Asmik Grigorians eindringlicher Darstellung, sodass sie ihn, wenn sie ihn über den Tisch hinweg an sich reißt, mit ihrer Energie mitreißt. | Birgit Kleinfeld

Italian Opera Weeks 22/23
Hamburg State Opera

Oleksiy Palchykov _zuzmann_photography.jpg

SIE WAREN THE KING OF THE EVE: Oleksiy Palchykov als Sir Edgardo di Ravenswood. Sie sind ein Tenor von edler Klasse. Ihre Strahlkraft ist erhaben. Sie bringen die Herzen zum Pochen, Sie beseelen. Sie verzaubern.
Sie sind ein richtiger Tenor.

A renewed Mozart Requiem
at the Bordeaux Opera

Hélène Carpentier_Oleksiy Palchykov Requiem Opera de Bordeaux.JPG

Technically impeccable, tenor Oleksiy Palchykov is a beacon in the night of this Requiem . A brilliant light perceived everywhere on stage and in the hall, so much his voice is lit by a very high placement, formidably effective.

Lucia di Lammermoor | Forum Opéra

Lucia di Lammermoor Staatsoper Hamburg 2021

Lucia, c'est Adèle
« Tu che a Dio spiegasti l'ali » reste en nos mémoires.

Rathausmarkt Open Air

„Rathausmarkt Open Air 2019" photo by Ph

10.000 Besucher feierten Kent Nagano und die Philharmoniker beim zweiten „Rathausmarkt Open Air“. Es soll Hamburger Tradition werden.

Den Tenor Oleksiy Palchykov, der mit hellem, vielleicht für diese Musik eine Spur zu klarem Timbre „I Got Rhythm“ schmettert.

Eugene Onegin review at Festival Theatre, Edinburgh – ‘Barrie Kosky gets to the heart of the characters’


A gorgeous aria from Oleksiy Palchykov as Lensky – who looks so innocent, happy just to be in love with Olga until Onegin comes along and ruins it all – is a bonus in a production which, while visually stunning, never lets looks get in the way of pure, raw feeling.

Моцарт у Гамбурзі


Чудово звучав і не менш яскраво грав Феррандо - наш Олексій Пальчиков. Він зарекомендував себе як прекрасний буфонний актор в опері "Любовний напій" Г.Доніцетті, що дуже сподобався київській публіці (лютий 2018 року).

Barie Koski's" Eugene Onegin" in Edinburg International Festival

_Eugene Onegin_ Tatiana-Asmik Grigorian

Oleksiy Palchykov was a fine Lensky, bright voiced, fervent and volcanically jealous, taking a nasty swing at Olga but redeeming himself somewhat when his beautiful aria was devastatingly sung.

"Eugene Onegin"

Ruzan Mantashyan / Oleksiy Palchykov

Oleksiy Palchykov has a very pleasant
tenor voice,which never seems forced and frames this somewhat introverted character of Lenski very well.One of the tricks of this stuff is that Lenski and Tatjana actually fit together much better than Lenski and Olga or Onegin and Tatjana.

"Eugene Onegin"

Staging: Adolf Dresen


Lenski's ( Oleksiy Palchykov) clear tenor carries over the (stage) field in the fog, his secret conjecture not to experience the day, Olga's infidelity and also the betrayal of his former best friend let him resign himself and surrender to his fate. A great voice falls silent too soon ...

Staging: Renaud Doucet and André Barbe


Oleksiy Palchykov played the role of Páris in top tenoral quality. Warmly timbre - made for the French opera compartment as - he sang the often very demanding arios sections of his lot error-free, expressive and full of beauty. He was incredibly diverse and funny acting. After all, he also had to change his outfit several times.

Staging: Renaud Doucet and André Barbe


HAMBURG / State Opera: LA BELLE HÉLÈNE, Jennifer Larmore and Oleksiy Palchykov thrill as Hélène and Paris
"The prima donna in terms of playfulness nothing to the Paris by Oleksiy Palchykov, as a testosterone- controlled dude shows his puny muscles in schlabberigen boxer shorts"

Garsington Opera - Eugene Onegin Reviews

EUGENE ONEGIN Garsington Opera. Photo by

Ukrainian tenor Oleksiy Palchykov was a terrific Lensky, impassioned and ardent, without the reedy tone some tenors exhibit in this repertoire. His great aria “Kuda, kuda vï udalilis” was beautifully contained, with no playing to the gallery and he coped with his spectral duties admirably.

L’enlèvement au Sérail (Opéra de Toulon)



Le ténor Oleksiy Palchykov le représente avec une silhouette aussi juvénile que son timbre lumineux et raffiné, au phrasé élégant, à l’impeccable tenue de souffle qui déploie avec clarté le ruban des vocalises. 

                              Benito Pelegrín

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